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  EverServ PixelPoint HeadOffice      

PixelPoint HeadOffice is an enterprise management system for the PixelPoint POS system, which seamlessly integrates all aspects of enterprise management, including corporate driven menu management, regional price maintenance, data warehousing and analytical analysis, regional and enterprise loyalty and gift, and more.

Expect to be able to configure a hundred stores as easily as you would one, with our remarkably easy to use, single-application enterprise back office solution. Your administrator can program all corporately defined areas of PixelPoint POS and replicate this programming to each location via the Internet. This means tasks such as enterprise. wide menu changes can take place with a click of the button, to every store, in real time.


Head Office Software BoxWant to know the sales totals for all your stores over the past week? No problem, we can even make it automated so on Monday morning those reports are in your inbox. Managing your enterprise has never been so easy with PixelPoint HeadOffice

PixelPoint HeadOffice™ is designed to be hosted at your corporate office and can be scaled up to use multiple-server configurations based on your data requirements. It doesn’t matter if you have 5 or 5000 stores, PixelPoint HeadOffice™ can be scaled to meet your specific requirements.

Common Tool Set   Broadcast   Control Any POS Data   Activation Dates
The tools used to add new "enterprise" information are identical to those that exist in PixelPoint POS, which means that you won't need to learn a different application in order to create or manage data for your enterprise   Data entered at the corporate office may be broadcast to all stores, a group of stores or individual store throughout the enterprise enabling quick, efficient and precise communication.   HeadOffice™ gives you the ability to have control over as much or as little information as you need. Create or manage entire menus, menu items, recipes, inventory items, promotions and more from a single location, with the ability to choose the destination for this data easily and efficiently.   Create menus, products or promotions ahead of time and define activation and deactivation dates so you can run weekly promotions or change menus without having to worry about time constraints.
Store Overrides   Customer Loyalty   Share Gift Cards   Share Customers and Members
Store-level overrides can optionally give the store operators flexibility over store-specific pricing, employee data or most any data you allow your stores to override.   Share customer-related information such as Members, Loyalty Points and Gift Card data between any number of stores and expect more loyalty and more sales.   Implement a gift card program across multiple stores without ever incurring transaction fees. Your users can issue and redeem gift cards right at the POS with data replication of the gift card information to all other stores in your organization or group   Share your customers Account Balance, photo, address, preferences, and other vital customer details are immediately shared across the stores to ensure that you can provide superior service to your clients with ease.
Share Loyalty Point   Sales Consolidation   HeadOffice DataMiner™
Add new customers at any store, allow them to earn points based on what they buy, and give them the freedom to redeem those points at any other store for value. It’s easy to blend your Gift Card program with a loyalty points program for more sales success.   PixelPoint HeadOffice™ includes all the tools you need, including data warehousing and business intelligence applications to allow you to collect and analyse your operation's data in one place, using most communication platforms. Then use PixelPoint's DataMiner analytical tool to dive deep into your data, automate and distribute reports and KPI's to key personnel, and give you the confidence you're looking for when making business decisions.   Data Miner Screen Shots
Data Mining
DataMiner™ is PixelPoint's in-depth analysis tool for the desktop, which gives users access to trends and patterns hidden within your Data Warehouse. Stores can run their own reports or use a corporate report to compare their sales to the other stores
High Performance   Data Mart Configurations   Graphing Tools   Scheduling and Automation
This 3-dimensional analysis tool was designed by PixelPoint not only to give you insight to your data, but to deliver this large amount of data to your desktop at break-neck speeds   PixelPoint HeadOffice™ performs, regardless of the amount of information your stores generate. Data can be scaled over multiple data servers, enabling you to scale your HeadOffice™ system as your needs grow. DataMiner gives you a single view of your information, regardless of the number of servers in your data mart configuration   DataMiner boasts a built-in active graph viewer, which refreshes as you pivot the data you're viewing   Schedule your reports to run at any time during the day, and create actions that tell the system to broadcast content to your user's inbox