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Increase sales, improve staff and management efficiency, and increase customer loyalty with Pixel Point's wireless handheld solution, a perfect compliment to our PixelPoint solutiond. Give your servers greater freedom with PixelPoint's handheld POS solution, featuring full screen POS software and access to all PixelPoint's powerful features, all operating on popular windows CE devices.

Our PocketPOS simply allows you to serve more customers faster and more efficiently. Servers can present your daily specials to your customers on the spot, process credit cards while walking to the next table, send a bread request for table 37 to the bus line, and add walk-ins to the waiting list - right from where the customer stands.

Order From Anywhere
PoketPOS allows wait staff to place orders from anywhere in the restaurant with no time lost in fixed terminal like-ups.
Eliminate Additional POS Training
The user had a common interface between fixed and wireless POS terminals, so no additional training is required.
Just Like A Fixed Terminal
PocketPOS gives your users access to all features on the wireless POS terminals, so no additional training is required
Take Stock Wirelessly
Managers can take stock counts right from the stock room, updating your stock levels immediately and sving precious time thanks to having full access to inventory features on the PocketPOS terminal.
Do Business In Real Time
Whether you're sending orders to the kitchen or adding products from the office, all data is sent in real-time
Increase Loyalty
Add loyalty customers or manage waiting lists on the fly and from the floor, with wireless accesss to all PixelPoint's loyalty reservations and waiting list features.
Manage Tables Instantly
Front-of-the-house staff can take action right from where all the action is, from changing the status of cleared tables, to sending bus commands to a bus line printer as they have full access to PixelPoint's graphical table layout.
Increase Average Cover Sales
Deliver better service to your customers, turnover more tables and increase average cover sales by keeping your best wait staff on the floor at all times while your buss staff shuffle back and forth to deliver orders and bus tables.

Wireless handheld

CPU Samsung 400 MHz
Memory 64MB and 128MB Flash memory
Display 3.5 inch TFT QVGA / 64K colour
Wireless Wi-Fi (802.11b/g)
Always on Wi-Fi in sleep mode
Blutooth EDR 2.0
MSR Integrated and detachable with mini-USB connection
Dimentions 118 x 75 x 20.9 mm
Weight 180.0g (includes standard battery, without MSR)
Battery Rechargeable 1400mAh battery
Rechargeable 2800mAh battery (Optional)
OS Microsoft Windows CETM 5.0