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  Digital Menu Boards    

PixelPoint's Digital Menu Board (DMB) projects POS database items onto flat panel displays in a graphically-rich format. Menu titles, pages, items, and prices can all be interlaces with high-quality multimedia to give the menu board a dramatic, interactive, custom display.

The PixelPoint menu board generator pulls data from the store database in near real-time, so the menu board continually updates throughout the day with menu changes, scheduled price changes, daily specials and HeadOffice updates. The PixelPoint menu board projector takes the content created by the generator and projects it using the latest web technology onto the displays.

Digital Menu Boards

Fully Integrated Solution
PixelPoint DMB is a fully integrated solution that provides real time menu updates.
Low Total Cost Of Ownership
With the PixelPoint DMB there are no monthly or annual support fees.
Digital Advertising
Turn your menu boards into a revenue generating digital advertising space when you advertise noncompeting products and high margin products to a captive audience of waiting customers.
Price Consistency
Guarantee the price your customer sees is the price on your POS terminal. Update prices across multiple stores with the press of a button.
Program your digital menu to change depending on the time of day (breakfast, lunch or dinner). Update your menu with daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal promotions..
High Definition Graphics
Use mouth-watering pictures and full motion video to increase sales.
1 or 2 monitors
- Core 2 Duo 2GHz
- 80GB Harddrive
- NIC (network connection to POSServers)
- Windows XP Pro
- PCI Express graphics card with 2 DVI ports, (e.g. ATI HD 2600 Pro 256MB RAM)
3 or 4 monitors
- Core 2 Quad 1.4 GHz
- 80GB Harddrive
- NIC (network connection to POSServer)
- Windows XP Pro
- 450 Watt Power supply (multi graphics cards use extra power)
- 2 PCI Express graphics card with 2 DVI ports, (e.g. ATI HD 2600 Pro 256MB RAM)