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Durable and Reliable. The EverServ 500 is built to perform in harsh environments and rough treatments.



Maximize space and savings with the sleek and economical PAR EverServ™ 2000 POS terminal.


EverServ7000 Family

POS Family. Where Elegance and Power meet. Advanced Design, Proven Reliability.



Food Safety and Checklist Efficiency. Take the effort and risk out of food quality.


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Food Safety and Checklist Efficiency
  Take the effort and risk out of food quality monitoring and improve the efficiency of checklists with the EverServ® SureCheck solution.   SureCheck
Food borne illness puts your customers and your business at risk. While most restaurant and grocery chains have Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) programs, many are ineffective and time consuming. PAR EverServ SureCheck combines a PDA-based mobile application, cloud-based enterprise server and a fully integrated temperature measuring device (TMD) for managing HACCP and inspection programs for retail and food service organizations. SureCheck checklist-based logging automates the monitoring of quality risk factors while dramatically lowering the potential for human error. For food safety assurance and operational efficiency—select PAR EverServ SureCheck.  
  SureCheck   Automated HACCP Plan Management

By automating management of HACCP plans, SureCheck helps you ensure critical control points are met and that proper corrective actions are taken when necessary. Withreal-time data delivery, it enables exception-based reporting and alerts while capturing timestamps and operator names for audit trails.

Reduced Labor Costs   Minimal Training
SureCheck’s automated checklists have reduced the time to complete food safety inspections by up to 60% when compared to pen-and-paper systems.   Easy to use checklist workflow, reporting and administration requires very little training.
Consistent and Complete Record Keeping   Minimal Up-front Costs
Provides a platform for repeatable and measurable information logging for both temperatures and tasks. SureCheck maintains excellent records of compliance including execution timing, missing checklists, non-observed items, top violations, violation details, single checklist detail and a daily summary.
  SaaS model requires minimal capital expenditures
compared to a client/server model.
Increased Record Accuracy
Automated data collection (temperatures and RFID tags) andarchiving provides defendable monitoring data.
Integrated with ERP and Data Warehouse Systems
Key tasks and performance metrics can be seamlessly integrated with centralized corporate systems, which eliminates manual inputs and inaccurate data. This makes it easy to tie performance metrics to managers’ compensation plans.
Integrated with ERP and Data Warehouse Systems
SureCheck software-as-a service (SaaS) model enables you to deploy the system quicker than if you had to install the software in your environment. With the SaaS model, you have everything you need (hardware, software and ongoing updates) so you don’t have to worry about the technology and can focus on your business